7th International Forum of Wooden Construction

14 March 2018 all-day Europe/Rome Timezone
Parchi Hotel Garda
Lazise (Verona)

The seventh edition of the 2018 International Forum of Wooden Construction will take place on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at Hotel Parchi del Garda in Lazise (Verona) and will offer to builders, designers, engineers and architects the opportunity to show their experiences and achievements, as well as their objectives in the field of wooden constructions. At the same time it will give the opportunity to architects and designers, to the bodies responsible for the control and supervision of the building works, to the wooden constructors and to the artisans, experts and trainers, to obtain and exchange information. Italy is a very important market for wood materials, modern wooden construction, energy efficiency and renewable energy. The wooden construction has an increasing importance in the building sector in Italy and has a leading position in Europe. The International Forum of Wooden Construction is based on the great experience of the “Holzbau-Forum” in Garmisch (Germany) and is organized by the “forum-holzbau”, an international platform of the universities of Helsinki (Finland), Munich and Rosenheim (Germany), Biel/Bern (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria) and Prince George (Canada). Italy collaborates closely with the University of Trento.
With this event we want to promote wooden construction and offer a platform to create a positive trend towards wood. Professional training credits are provided for architects, engineers and surveyors.



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