Holzbau Forum 2018

We are getting close to the next Holzbau Forum in Garmisch (5-7 December), the biggest and richest information event about wood constructions. In Garmisch you get all the knowledge of wood constructions, from sports centers to high-rise buildings, from semi-detached houses to bridges. We must say the organization is always excellent, as well as the selection of speakers. And that’s simply obvious if you consider that Holzbau Forum is a collaboration of six major institutes (Aalto University, Helsinki; Berner Fachhochschule, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland; Hochschule Rosenheim, Germany; Technische Universität Wien, Austria; Technische Universität München, Germany; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada).

“This year we are reaffirming our role, awaiting approximately 1,800 participants from 30 countries, more or less the same attendance of the past few years”, said Hugo Karre, the member of the board who organizes and manages the forum. We are celebrating the 24th edition with a rich agenda of presentations and an exceptional “Guest Country”, Australia”.

It’s really impossible even to list over seventy presentations planned in four different locations inside the Congress Palace in Garmisch, so we will simply recommend our readers not to miss the opportunity to attend the forum, although an Italian version has been available in the past few years in Verona, one of a thousand “spin-offs” of the original December congress.

We are talking about Forum Legno Edilizia, scheduled next February 6 at the Hotel Parchi del Garda, in Lazise, one day before the opening of the “Legno&Edilizia” at Fiera Verona from 7 to 10 February. As the names suggest, both events are focused on the same topics.

Just coincidence, Karre said. “We never organize forums concurrently with exhibitions, as we believe that trade fair visitors look for something different from our workshops. The date was identified within the rich offer of industry events in early 2019 – “Klimahouse”, “Legno&Edilizia”, “MadeExpo” – and the busier and busier calendar we have in Europe and all over the world”.

“In 2019 we are launching three new initiatives, in Tallin at the end of March, in Edinburgh on May 9-10, in Pamplona on May 23-24: we are proud of this growth, also because we don’t launch new dates by our own initiative, but upon request by institutions, associations or universities. With our longstanding experience, we have become a reference and we are happy to be involved in a wave of meetings and opportunities. That’s happened also in Italy, in Verona, where we have a fruitful collaboration with professor Maurizio Piazza of the Trento University and many other industry actors and institutes: we have designed our Forum Legno Edilizia together with them, and next February we are celebrating the eighth edition”.

What will be the topics?
“We are still defining the program, it will be ready soon and published on our website (www.forum-legno.com)…

So, get ready for two dates: December 5-7 in Garmisch and February 6 in Verona. Mark your agenda, it is really worth it…

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