Scm at the forefront of changes at Awfs

Once again, the leader for secondary woodworking technologies Scm is to play a key role at Awfs, boosted by its continuous and significant growth. The Group’s turnover exceeded 700 million Euro at the end of 2018, more than 70 percent of which refers to its wood sector with a contribution of more than 500 million. This is thanks to the most extensive range of technological and digital solutions currently available at international level for the world of secondary wood processing, from craft work to large industries. These include the Cnc machining centres for panel and solid wood processing and wood joinery which continue to record the highest performance rates on the market with a growth exceeding 30 percent in the last year alone.

As far as the Northern America market (the United States, Canada and Mexico) is concerned, Scm ended 2018 with a solid double-digit growth, and major investments have been made to reinforce the service level offered. An ambitious expansion plan has been launched in Canada. After the opening of the new office and show room in Quebec in the last season, Scm is now expanding its offices together with its Technology Center in Vancouver to better provide superior service to the Western Canadian customers. With over 12,000 square feet, the new Technology Center will host several educational events throughout the year as well as hands-on software training sessions and one-to-one consultations.
Scm Canada’s expansion follows the many investments made in the last year, such as the expansion of the Mexican branch and the strengthening in the US market with a direct presence in Dallas, where a new Technology Center was opened last year, in Chicago and New Jersey. Together with the headquarters in Atlanta and Carson, just south of Los Angeles, these investments allow Scm to boast the most comprehensive support and the closest proximity to the woodworking companies in the Northern America area.  “Scm’s strength is to be a partner for all the companies working in the secondary woodworking sector, over and above being a supplier – explains the Scm North America Regional Manager Giuseppe Riva – an all-round consultant capable of supporting the clients along their investments, and ensuring they are never on their own as the claim of this exhibition “You will never work alone” highlights. Scmprovides clients with its know-how, spanning more than 65 years, in the woodworking industry, to create wholly integral made-to-measure, turnkey solutions”.  Of particular interest also the acquisition of Usa-based Dms Diversified Machine Systems, located in Colorado Springs, Co. Dms is an important US player in the design, manufacture, distribution and service of innovative CNC machinery, particularly for many plastics and composite materials applications. This acquisition strengthens Scm Group’s global leadership in these and other sectors, and is complimentary to a broad portfolio already established in these markets via its venerable Cms brand of customized Cnc machines.

Scm’s solidity, reliability and innovation capacity find a solid base in the Awfs exclusive booth of more than 12,900 square feet (1600 square metres) also including Superfici America’s exhibition area and its technological solutions which integrate and complete the Surface Technologies project presented by Scm at the fair. More specifically, thanks to the many daily demonstrations, the Awfs visitors can discover the “Smart&Human Factory” and see fist-hand a state-of-the-art  process to produce different doweled cabinets. It is a cutting-edge production model, with automated, modular and easily reconfigurable flexible cells, integrated with articulated and collaborative industrial robots and intelligent unmanned shuttles that can be programmed according to the production unit plant, capable of moving and working alongside the operator in complete safety. A new digital and smart factory but one that is still user-friendly, designed to satisfy the challenges of Mass Customisation even more effectively and faster and which goes beyond the traditional automated systems: indeed, the state of the art Scm cells can be put together by clients as they wish to satisfy the most varied processing needs.
The system presented at Awfs is only one example of the various configurations that the “Smart&Human Factory” can accommodate on the specifications and various requirements of the individual company.

The new nesting Cnc morbidelli x200 labels the material sheets and automatically loads the panels to be drilled, grooved and sized. The nesting machining centre then unloads the nested parts on a conveyor belt where the 7-axes robot will identify the parts. Depending on the part type, the 7-axes robot stacks the carts or load/unload the dowel insertion machine. After this process, the parts are manually moved to the stefani kd edge bander fitted with a robot-ready return conveyor system and the “SGP” glue pot  for an ideal glue line. An AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) then transfers the kit towards the assembly area where a collaborative robot dispenses glue on the dowel holes and back grooves. The panels are then ready to be assembled in the action p clamp.
Simultaneously, the smaller sheets are cut in the gabbiani g 2 panel saw integrated by the automatic 3 axes storage flexstore el: the set-up and blade setting times are reduced thanks to the optional saw-set device. In addition, the motorized lateral juxtaposer and the Flexcut 1s modular system allow more cuts and more complex cutting standards with a drastic reduction in machining cycle timesAlso the panels cut by the beam saw flow into the 7-axis robotic cell and the assembly area by the “AMR” – Autonomous Mobile Robots.


The “new entries” include the new nesting morbidelli x series. It is developed in line with the requirements of a market that is increasingly oriented to “Batch 1” production and therefore, needs to combine high speed and outstanding flexibility in panel cutting patterns. The new morbidelli x series revolutionizes the current Cnc machinery offerings for this type of technology. A new labelling system and cutting speed up to 50 m/min allow Scm customers to reach a productivity like never seen before on a nesting machine. The new X-Vacuum system allows to focus the vacuum pressure exclusively around the cutting area and dynamically move it, following the tool. This method allows us to cut faster and more aggressively. Furthermore the range offers a low profile horizontal drilling unit that allows to drill horizontally right on top of the spoilboard without the need to elevate the part. Beside the traditional nesting for routers, Maestro cnc nest provides a new algorithm for automatic optimization of linear and/or rectangular cut plan with cutting saw blade. Certainly one of a kind, Maestro cnc nest enlarges the nesting possibility introducing linear nesting for cutting saw blade, always minimizing scraps and allowing substantial savings in material and productivity gains.

Digital takes centre stage as one of Scm’s key new entries with the renewed Maestro Digital Systems that diversifies and increases the offer in Software and Digital Services. The first ones include Maestro active, the new Human- Machine Interface (HMI) which is unified across all Scm machines and allows a much easier and more intuitive user experience.
The Digital Services confirm the fundamental role played by the IoT Maestro connect platform. Thanks to the constant analysis of the data being produced by the machines, it grants instant access to a wide range of services such as remote technical support with the Smartech augmented reality glasses (finalist at the Visionary Challenge Award for the “Industry 4.0” category), the purchase of spare parts on-line, predictive maintenance and numerous other services to considerably increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its production plant checking their state of health and improving their performance.

At the Awfs, the world-wide technology leader presents more than thirty solutions to emphasize the strength and depth of its range. There are numerous new products, too, such as the sergiani 3d form membrane press for laminating curved panels and those with three-dimensional effects. Together with the simple to use and highly productive dmc sanding and calibrating machines and the spray painting and glue application Superfici systems complete with robot, the sergiani 3d form is part of the SCM Surface Technologies: all-round products and services as well as exclusive, sought-after finishing solutions, to meet all the process and end product type requirements.

Another SCM display area, the Superfici America booth (8207), is dedicated to different surface hi-tech solutions. Among the featured technologies, the high volume reciprocating compact Hybrid Spray Machine being demonstrated live, both the Laminar and Jet Airblade dyers with infrared matrix lamps for cool and hyper-fast curing. In addition, Superfici America displays the entry level mini spray machine perfect for the small shops that need high volume output and 100% consistency of quality, an S4 Supernova lacquer recycling Roll Coater, a denibber/profile sander, a state-of-the-art low-pressure automatic moulding sprayer capable of perfectly covering various shapes with both UV or water-based coatings, and a 3K plural mix component.

At Awfs Scm launches a special promotion for the woodworking manufacturing companies which wish to renew their plants and production models: from software to dust collection systems to tooling and machinery. Thanks to the “Equipment Financing” project Scm can finance from any manufacturer with the most competitive rates in the industry.

Scm North America is a proud supporter of the Semper Fi Fund, a non-profit organization that supports combat wounded and critically ill service members for life. By joining some industrial robots for a game of frisbee the Awfs visitors can help Scm North America to support the cause with the chance to win a wooden U.S. flag handmade by a veteran, plus a variety of other prizes. As a way to thank the brave men and women whose mission is to preserve freedom, Scm will match 100 percent of all donations made during Awfs.

Las Vegas Convention Center, July 17 – 20 – Booths 8200, 8207, 8214, 8600, 8607


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