Scm: introducing the new “stefani x”

The new “stefani x” is much more than a machine: it’s an end-to-end technological project, highly configurable and versatile, where the quantity and quality of working aggregates makes a difference in the panel machining process”. This statement by Fabio Cernoia, Business Manager of Scm Edgebanding Technologies, immediately rewards our decision to travel to Thiene, to visit the industrial site of the group with 70-year specialization in this segment.

We immediately realized that “stefani x” was different from many other industrial edgebanders we have written about. Well, writing about it does not mean we are experts, but we got the feeling that the “x” meant a lot, that it suggested something special…. maybe it was the high level of the innovation project that guided the layout of the aggregates, or the clear perception of production efficiency, that made us feel like we were standing before a solution to be discovered. This impression was supported by the tests we attended, showing that, even with an “established” technology like edgebanding, there are still margins for further quality improvement

“We created a new platform in the medium-high range of our portfolio of industrial edgebanders, to expand the application scope of the machine while offering increased versatility and configurability, with significant benefits for the customer”, said Fabio Cernoia.
“The “stefani x” edgebander is all new, while inheriting the best solutions implemented in our “stefani xd”, the top-of-range model in our portfolio of configured machines. It’s a highly innovative technological solution, which enables us to improve our performance and processing quality. A new frame that opens the way to other models in our range, that will be revisited and redesigned to give an effective response to various edgebanding needs, with the possibility to add new aggregates according to specific production requirements. Following this redesign, today we can offer a “top-of-range” optimized solution, designed for high standards, that can be “opened” to additional configurations. This is the result of the intensive research and development work we have carried out to build a high-tech machine”.

“The basic configuration is designed to solve 95 percent of the edgebanding problems – points out Adriano Costanzi, Product Manager – and provides even smaller companies with top technology to edge mdf, particleboard and wooden frames or hollow-core panels with any type of edge. A key role is played by the “adaptive” roller that exerts stronger pressure on the panel, to deliver the best processing quality and create an invisible splice with all types of panels and materials”.

 This reminds us that there is an ongoing trend to “give more for less”…
“Don’t forget we are talking about industrial machinery, which can work at high rates, seven days a week, on three shifts, and despite their high tech level, they can be operated very easily, thanks to new “electronic touch” systems that minimize the actions by an operator, even when dealing with delicate substrates that require limited pressure. This is just one of many solutions that have enriched the “stefani x”, looking at real and current market requirements.
We have focused our attention on the edge management process, creating a function called “Edge Store Manager” that allows the operator to get all the necessary information to know how many coils are in stock, how many meters of edges are available, how to reorder, as well as all the data to send the order to the machine and set all the necessary parameters for the application stages, sharing all information with the enterprise management software and systems.
This is just one of the key strengths of the new Scm edgebander, and the companies that have adopted it already (the new “stefani x” have been on sale for a few months now) are giving very positive feedback.
I also want to add – Cernoia adds – that these solutions can operated both “standalone” and integrated in production lines or “batch one” working cells, emerging as a highly competitive alternative for the companies aiming at increasing productivity and flexibility with affordable investments”. 

“We are talking about machines that can apply edges up to 30 meters per minute –Adriano Costanzi adds – not only thanks to the track speed, but also because the gap between two subsequent elements has been minimized, thus significantly increasing the productivity. We have managed to do so with a just-in-time edge exchange system and accurate gluing operations, which have always been the core of this type of machine. In this respect, we have designed and manufactured a very innovative gluing unit, equipped with a “glue switch” that allows to switch glue color and type “just in time”, without interrupting the process. Basically, we have installed two glue containers that operate with zero setup time. Not ony: while one container is active, the other one can be removed for cleaning or maintenance, with no productivity losses”.

“We have also worked a lot on the rounding units, developing a new vesion that – with unvaried performance – can also be mounted on machines in the lower price range. Another servo rounding unit ensures top quality machining and can also process special shaped profile, through direct onboard programming”.

What about the different gluing systems that have been introduced in the past decade?
“The “stefani x” architecture can be equipped with multiple types of gluing systems in a short time: we can load polyurethane glues, hotmelt “Eva” or polyolefin glues, while keeping the “AirFusion+” technology onboard at the same time, as well as special spreading slots to work on the panel.
Let me also mention the new Y-SE 1000 Servo” and “Y-SE 1200 Servo” end trimming units, that can automatically correct the edge cutting when the panel is introduced slightly “off-track”. For narrow panels or more complex shapes, this issue can happen, so we have solved it with a device that detects any deviation and repositions the end trimming unit blade relative to the copier, correcting the cut just-in-time.
A similar level of innovation distinguishes the RC-E Multileaf glue scraping unit, that positions itself to operate most effectively even when the panel is protected by a film, which can have different thickness. The new aggregate automatically performs micro adjustments to achieve the best result in any situation”.

“With “stefani x”, we have shown what we mean by innovation”, Fabio Cernoia concludes. “At Scm, both at group level and in the edgebanding Business Unit, we really believe in the necessity to carry out research and development that can lead us to new achievements and production scenarios, to stand close to customers in the optimization of their operations and new business projects. With this new solution, we have contributed to the further development of edgebanding, and the future machines we are working on will be even more interesting”.

by Luca Rossetti


A new edgebander designed and built for a digital, connected and integrated factory. In short, this is the “stefani x” project, a highly configurable and customizable edgebanding machine, engineered to operate reliably and intensively, delivering excellent processing quality, both standalone and inside integrated cells or lines.
SCM’s new industrial edgebander can machine panels at a speed of up to 30m/min during several shifts per day. All this is possible thanks to top-of-the-range units and a new, highly rigid mechanical structure.
The new “electronic touch” systems by SCM offer excellent edgebanding even on delicate, trending materials, while the new digital control system can operated in full synch with other technology, IT and MES systems installed in the factory.
The unique “glue switch” solution allows for a just in time change of color and glue type, thus achieving even more flexible, efficient production. The two glue tanks can operate at alternate turns without stopping the machine, and one of the glue tanks can be removed for cleaning or maintenance work while the other keeps working.
Quality edgebanding with all types of edges, thanks to the new automatic edge changing device with 2 and 6 coils, with a roller changing system featuring a narrow gap of 350 mm.
“stefani x” feature new electronic units that simplify its operation with automatic and flexible setup. The Y-SE 1000 Servo” and “Y-SE 1200 Servo” end trimming unit ensure constant precision when cutting, control adjustments are automatic and machining errors can be corrected on the spot.
The “Round 2 Servo” rounding unit ensures top-quality machining on any profile and optimizes the processes, even when three different edge thicknesses are required, while the glue scraping unit “RC-E Multileaf” is proving ideal for machining panels with film, thanks to the automatic tool adjustment.

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