Open House "AuthoR-Evolution" by Scm Group

The substantial enthusiasm of the thousands of visitors to the Scm Group headquarters for the recent Open House, has marked the beginning of the “AuthoR-Evolution”. The new Morbidelli machining centres, as well as other new products from the group, were presented during the event. The Open House event was such a success that Scm Group has decided to launch the “AuthoR-Evolution On Tour”. From February these machines can be admired in France, at the showroom of the Transalpine branch, followed by Spain and then Germany. The new machining centres will subsequently be presented in March at Dubai Woodshow and at Interzum in Guangzhou. Scm Group’s international standing was confirmed by the visitors, most of which were from abroad, mainly Europe and the United States. For the event an old bell was installed in the showroom of the Scm Group headquarters and it was rung at the signing of each purchase order. The successful event saw the bell being rung repeatedly, fuelling the enthusiasm of the Scm Group staff and customers. The protagonists of the event were the new “Author M100” and “M200”, that present what Has been defined as the “All-in-one technology”. The new Morbidelli machining centres were a great success with customers and experts of the sector, thanks to their substantial number of technological solutions. “Author M100” and “M200” are able to provide a competitive advantage for woodworking companies which demand high quality and productivity. As far as the new products presented at the open house event are concerned, the comments made by one of the first buyers of the new Morbidelli “Author M100” were very revealing. Mr. Havard Tandstad of Mobeltre AS, an important Norwegian company, said: “The sheer amount of state of the art technology in this work centre has allowed me to save space in the plant, save time and increasingly adapt my production to the demands of the market. There has been an increase in the request for the production of batches with a lower number of pieces and with a greater level of customisation. We practically have to be able to change our production hour by hour. It’s a constant rush. With this solution, where I insert a panel in the work centre and it comes out the other end completely finished, lets me save on personnel costs, which are particularly high in Norway, that I can use for other needs. The new “Author” lets me resolve a whole series of problems that in recent years have become increasingly pressing. I have been using Scm machines for 16 years and their reliability is unfailing”. The other new products presented by the Group equally drew great interest, especially the new Celaschi “Progress 30” automatic double-end tenoner, that aims to win over a greater market share for the long standing brand. The new Gabbiani “Galaxy 3125” single blade panel saw featured technological innovations found only on top of the range machines. Dmc presented the new “Masterbrush S” brush unit and the new “Eurosystem” sander. These compact machines, which can be inserted in production lines, also benefitted from the trickle down effect of top of the range solutions.

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