Scm Group: from the European Bank for Investments 50 million for R&D work

Scm Group announces that the European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing an unsecured line of credit worth 50 million Euro, lasting 7 years. The line of credit covers 50 percent of R&D investments foreseen by the Italian Group for the four year period 2017-2020, for an overall total of more than 100 million Euro. These investments aim to develop products and services based on technological solutions that are even more effective, flexible and simpler for the end client to use and can guarantee production processes in line with new needs in smart manufacturing and 4.0 Industry to encourage greater sustainability in the use of resources.

Since its early days in the 1950s in Rimini, technological innovation has been one of Scm Group’s key assets and an area where it invests 7 percent of its turnover each year – declares Marco Mancini, General Manager -. This funding further strengthens and diversifies Scm Group’s financial structure, guaranteeing part of those resources needed to invest in research and development activities that are so essential to supporting our clients while developing their business and in following the Group’s growth path in an increasingly competitive global market“.

An unstoppable path for the Italian giant that saw it surpass its goal of a 700 million Euro turnover at the end of 2018, with a growth rate in double figures in the last two years. This constant investment into research and innovation has led the company to devise and create technical solutions that are even more state-of-the-art for its clients as is clear from the Technology Center, to name but one, inaugurated in Rimini, at the Group’s headquarters, providing a preview of the future of digital and 4.0 Industry.

Continuous investment into training is also important, in answer to new technological challenges, as the new Campus Center proves. It was established with a view to coordinating and supporting all the work that goes into developing the professional technical, organisational and managerial skills of more than 4,000 people who work for Scm Group in the three large production centres in Italy and its more than twenty foreign branches.

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