Igus bets on…Igus

Confidence in themselves, their products and their durability. This is the most effective presentation for the news recently launched by Igus – a global leader in the production of energy chains and bearings, with headquarters in Cologne, Germany – offering 36-month guarantee on the purchase of energy chains. This initiative replicates the offer launched in 2015, when the 36-month warranty applied to “Chainflex” cables.

The new guarantee service – said Michael Blaß, head of the e-chain systems division at igus – gives buyers the surety of being able to design their individual application exactly, and always choose the most cost-effective e-chain that works with reliability”. As mentioned, this is a clear sign of confidence in the quality of your work. “Our products are accurately tested in our laboratories, but if an energy chain fails due to wear and tear within the guarantee period, the customer will receive a free replacement”.

 Buy, click and certify. To obtain the guarantee certificate after purchasing the product, customers must visit the Igus website, launch the new online tool developed by the company for service life calculation and input the application parameters such as speed, acceleration, additional load and travel distance; as an option, it is possible to enter environmental conditions. The online tool will then determine the operating time of the energy chain in double strokes. “Either the calculated double strokes or 36 months are guaranteed, whichever comes first,” Blaß said.

Extending a guarantee, meeting customer requirements and protecting them from possible technical issues is the Igus way to overcome this moment, once again reaffirming the quality of their products.

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