Unilin and “Pergo”: a vintage touch to parquet

A great classic to give life to something new. This is the idea behind “Pergo Wood Sandhamn“, the new parquet collection of the Unilin group, a Belgian industrial group active since 1960 in the laminate flooring sector, which takes up and reinvents the Hungarian “backbone“, simplifying installation with the “Uniclic” joint.

“Uniclic” is a very quick system that allows the floor to be joined together without the need for glue and reducing the risk of dirtying or damaging it. The real novelty of this system lies in the installation technique which, thanks to the rhomboidal pre-composed slats, allows the parquet to be installed in a much faster time, avoiding having to lay the strips one at a time. Features that make the system attractive to parquettists and, thanks also to the Quick-step brand and the Pergo brand, have allowed Unilin to grow further in recent years.

Growing up, without forgetting your origins and choosing to demonstrate this attachment to traditions by reintroducing the herringbone pattern. A precise decision that aims straight at giving a touch of vintage, taking advantage of the tendency of the sector to search again for “geometry” in furnishings, no longer only in fabrics and wallpapers, but also in floors, offering a “wood effect” recovery ”very captivating.

An aesthetic rendering that, however, does not forget about environmental sustainability. Unilin, in fact, used one hundred percent of the tree, reducing waste to a minimum. A return to the past, but a constant gaze on the future.

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