“Saturn” and “Dle Plus”: news from Hymmen

Innovation never stops at Hymmen, the German company specializing in the production of digital printing technology. The group has recently added two new solutions to its rich product portfolio. The digital printing line “Saturn” is the flower in the buttonhole of recent innovation by Hymmen in the digital printing industry, while “Digital Lacquer Embossing Plus” is an evolution of a product introduced in the past years and now revisited to improve its performance.

The decision to focus on this product line responds to the market demands in the area of industrial production. Such requirements range from the production of small output volumes for decors, to the integration of digital printing in the industrial supply chains for decors, to a continuous reduction of printing and processing time, both for configuration and for sales. All of this is aimed at reducing storage costs and offering new design options, moving towards increasing customization and the search for more characteristic and less standard features.


Recently, Hymmen has introduced a development of “Digital Lacquer Embossing”, a digital embossing system (a special kind of calender that impresses a motif onto a fabric, editors’ note) presented (and awarded) at Interzum in 2019. “Digital Lacquer Embossing Plus” is an advanced embossing operation for flooring and furniture, creating surface textures with deeper lines and sharper edges.

“Digital Lacquer Embossing Plus”


Deep texture up to 200 micron;
Sharp edges;
Possibility to have different grades of brightness;
Synchronization with printed decor;
Integration with existing painting lines.

It can be applied to wood-based panels or substrates made with other materials. With this technology, a clear substrate is printed into a non-cured paint coat; at Hymmen, this is done using the “Jupiter” digital printing line. The unique features of “Dle” include high flexibility, short configuration time, no storage cost, new design options and customization. Also, “Digital Lacquer Embossing” does not require to change cylinders or printing plates. With 70 to 2,100 millimeter widths and one single digital pressure bar, this technology can be integrated into existing operations. As just a small quantity of structuring medium is used, this does not affect any property of the paint, i.e. hardness, adhesion, scratching and chemical resistance. You can also create patterns in synch with the surface decor, no matter if the decor has been created with analog or digital printing.
The benefits of the digital embossing process are: deep texture from 10 to 200 microns; the possibility to create special effects with variable depths; sharp edges; and finally, besides the possibility to add this technology to existing painting lines, “Dle plus” preserves the quality of the paint applied onto the surface.

For us – said Renè Pankoke, managing partner and ceo of Hymmen – it was clear from the very start that customers have strict requirements when it comes to textured surfaces. If a new technology does not meet such standards, it will never be selected to replace a system that has been used and proven for years”.


“Saturn” is an industrial digital printing line with water-based inks that can be integrated into existing operations, featuring high-tech components and tested inks for an investment with an excellent quality-to-cost ratio. Developed in partnership with Ricoh, “Saturn” offers lower energy consumption, easier paper drying and higher reliability, as well as flexible printing combined with quick time-to-market (the time between product concept and market launch, editor’s note.) and the possibility to reduce not only costs, but also the storage space for decors, as you can rely on effective just-in-time production.
“Saturn” can print 15 to 35 meters per minute, in widths ranging from 700 to 2.300 millimeters and up to 1,200 dpi resolution, with four standard colors. For the printing heads, “Saturn” is equipped with model “Mh5421mf” by Ricoh, while the decoration inks are water-based.


Technical specifications

Printing speed: 15-35 meters per minute
Net working width: 700, 1,400 and 2,300 millimeters
Resolution: 600 or 1,200 dpi
Print head: Ricoh “MH5421 MF”
Inks: water-based for decoration
Colors: standard CMYK four-color print

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