New machining centers from SCM: race against time!

SCM is changing the “rules of the game” in the machining of doors, windows, staircases and solid wood elements. The new models “accord 500” and “accord 660” and the upgraded version “morbidelli m200” respond to the customers’ demand to save time, strongly increasing their productivity while preserving high finishing quality standards.

Excitement is in the air in Rimini for the new models of machining centers for the production of doors, windows, staircases and solid wood elements in general. As we are going to print, the company is lifting the veil on the new “accord 500” and “accord 600” which, according to their spokespersons, will define a new standard in this industry, just like “morbidelli m200”, already appreciated by the market and recently submitted to a major upgrade.
A deep review of the range of solutions for solid wood, and no one better than Bruno Di Napoli – Business Unit Manager for machining and drilling centers at SCM – could give us a picture of the situation.

Bruno Di Napoli, SCM Group

 “We have updated our portfolio of machining centers”, said Di Napoli, meeting us at the group’s Technology Center in Rimini. “SCM has always offered a wide range of solutions for all woodworking operations. Back in 2017, with the new “morbidelli m100/200” range, we adapted our catalog to the customer’s perspective, giving a focused response to specific needs in terms of performance and investments.
So, a comprehensive and modular range, built on clear choices, with a focus on wood, on materials, on the customers who still have solid wood at the core of their business. “According to wood”, a motto with a strong impact, that talks about wood and reminds of our “Accord” range, boasting a long heritage of success and solid know-how, but now further expanded and renovated with a strategic approach, to keep up with times.
Another key driver is time: if I should name one factor that characterizes the requirements of customers, that’s time, the need to save it, optimize, make it more profitable… At SCM, we have identified this priority: give customers the possibility to manage their time.
So, a new range of specialized solutions, configured and tooled for specific purposes, ranging from “morbidelli” to “accord”, the former with an open construction, the latter with a gantry portal.

But, if I may, mastering time is a challenge that recalls ancient myths…

“You are right, but there is a solution, and that’s not only in the mechanical part, but mostly in the software: in this area, we have made a small revolution, aiming at the smart management of some aspects, first of all the tools; we have patented the first software for tool optimization, which is currently the most critical issue also for those who process solid wood.
Sure, you can keep them in a closet and pick them each time you need, you can have different magazines, but what’s the use of buying a machining centers with the performance levels of our “accord” models and then waste time to change tools? We have replicated the “Maestro Powerset” system of our drilling machines, a segment where tool handling speed is a must, to develop a similar solution for solid wood. We started from there to create “Maestro Power TMS”, that provides the operator with a real database of tools. This innovative software measures the tools, takes pictures to optimize and streamline their management, placing more than 100 tools so that they can be stored and retrieved as fast and effectively as possible. Once an operation has been set up, the software identifies the necessary tools and prepares them, so that they are ready when required, without delays, in the sequence requested by the program.
The operator only needs to load the parts onto the worktable: a momentous change, which offers remarkable time savings, and consequently, a productivity increase by up to 30 percent compared to market standards, and a milling speed beyond 15 meters per minute”.

“accord 500”

So, once again, software makes the difference…

“lt’s the most important element: the wood industry is filling a historical gap with other industries in this area. We are changing direction, turning complex machines like machining centers into easy-to-use equipment. I don’t mean that mechanical engineering is irrelevant, but the customer takes it for granted and considers easy management and control the most important element for his decision.
Software is a cross-domain topic that involves all SCM technologies, from the “morbidelli m100” and “200” range to the nesting centers “morbidelli X200” and “400”.

Mr. Di Napoli, very briefly, which are the differences between the new models?

“Accord 500” combines tradition, simplicity and compact size, without compromising on high technology: its power relies on the new 5-axis operating unit with 17 kW power spindle, with the possibility to select a Pro-Space configuration without peripheral fences, ideal for companies with narrow spaces. “Accord 600” offers even higher performance: with the aim of minimizing production cycle time in any application sector, it features a brand new operating aggregate equipped with three independent units. The four-axis and JQX five-axis power spindles – respectively with 21 and 13.5 kW with independent onboard magazines – allow tool changing in hidden time even during the operation of the independent front unit, with “BRC-S” or drilling head, as required. All of this designed to save time, which is the core concept of the entire range”.

“accord 600”

And what about the “morbidelli 200” upgrade?

“Also on this machining center we have mounted the “BRC” unit and the “FlexMatic” worktable, which allows to switch rapidly from solid wood to panels, showing the flexibility of our portfolio. We offer two versions, one for panels and a new one for solid wood, which is the result of the latest upgrade, with machine lengths from 3 to 5.5 meters.
But there’s more: on these machines, we have integrated a new concept of tool magazine, “Caddy 35“, incorporated into the construction of the machine. This box can hold up to 35 tools, which are accessible even while the heads are working, adding or picking tools in total safety. No other machine in the world allows this. It’s a space-saving solution that makes the chain toolholder concept obsolete.
Cleanliness is another key topic. SCM has designed a new chip collector that is positioned automatically according to the working program, so as to ensure the highest suction efficiency under all conditions”.

“morbidelli m200”

 Everything, down to the smallest detail, is designed to increase productivity while preserving high finishing standards. As is seems, the revolution of the new machining centers by SCM has started.

 by Luca Rossetti

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