Germany: the furniture industry grows

The “pre-covid” levels have not yet been reached, but the growth trend is positive. This is what emerges from the numbers released by Vdm, the German furniture industry association, which recorded an increase in sales of 4.3 percent in the first half of 2021 compared to last year. The increase in foreign sales, which grew by 10.6 percent, had a strong impact on this figure.
Certainly positive numbers, but which indicate that the German furniture industry sector – also due to the difficulties in finding raw materials – will hardly be able to reach pre-pandemic levels before 2023, as also underlined by the ceo of Vdm, Jan Kurth.

Going into detail, the sector of kitchen furniture manufacturers recorded an increase in sales of 16.3 percent, for a total of about 2.8 billion euros in the first half of 2021, while that of upholstered furniture manufacturers saw its sales grow by 17.5 percent, totaling 500 million euros. Negative data instead come from the largest segment of the German furniture industry, the one that includes furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and components, which recorded a drop of 5.8 percent for a total of 2, 8 billion euros in June 2021.

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