Beck: new award for “Lignoloc”

With this year’s German Innovation Awards, the German Design Council once again honours companies that excel with their new, forward-looking technologies, processes or services. One of the winners of the German Innovation Awards 2022 in “Gold”— the highest award given by the jury in this competition— is Raimund Beck. The company excelled in the “Excellence in Business to Business” competition class in the “Building & Elements” category with the “Lignoloc“, a wooden nail with a head for facades. The first magazine-loaded nail with a wooden head is processed by pneumatic nailer. From production to recycling, “Lignoloc” wooden nails stand out for their ecofriendly properties. The European beech wood used is a renewable raw material, and the production of the wooden nail releases only 25 percent of the greenhouse gases compared to a steel nail. The main application is horizontal and vertical wood cladding. “The new “Lignoloc” for fastening wooden façades is the first collated nail made of wood that is processed by a pneumatic nailer and makes it possible to realize ecological construction projects entirely with sustainable or recyclable fastening systems. It is worth noting that the wooden nail is not only superior to conventional nails made of steel from an ecological point of view, but also offers several advantages, such as lower thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion and many chemicals. In addition, significantly less tool wear can be expected when reworking the wooden elements fastened with the wooden nails. An exciting product innovation that can make a relevant contribution to the sustainable turnaround in the construction industry”, according to the jury’s statement. 

Christian Beck, general manager of Raimund Beck commented: “We are incredibly proud to win one of the most renowned innovation trophies with the German Innovation Award and to join the ranks of the inspiring winners. For us, the award is a strong motivational boost and an incentive to consistently pursue our vision of making fastening technology more sustainable, efficient, and better overall. In addition, it is also a recognition and confirmation of the creative and passionate work of our entire team”.

Companies from all sectors and areas of the economy as well as non-commercial and governmental organisations from all over the world can participate in the German Innovation Awards. The German Design Council’s expert panels decide who is eligible for the award. “This method ensures the independence and excellence of the renowned award,” Dietzold emphasises. A total of 640 submissions from German and international companies from a wide range of industries were accepted for the German Innovation Awards 2022, including not only many well-known brands but also hidden champions and promising start-ups. The entries were judged by an international, interdisciplinary jury bringing together a diverse range of expertise, including product design, marketing, computer science, history of technology, physics, patent consultancy and financial services—an impressive breadth of expertise that guarantees an individual, expert assessment. The German Innovation Awards was presented in a total of 40 categories divided into two competition classes: “Excellence in Business to Consumer” and “Excellence in Business to Business”.

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