Allmilmö Küchen: open doors from 21 to 25 September

Allmilmö Küchen, the well-known kitchen manufacturer from Lower Franconia, has revamped its exhibition and will present its new collections of “fronts” and “interior equipment” from September 21-25

Among the various products displayed by the German “kitchen maker” in the approximately 1,000 square meters of exhibition space are the solutions distinguished by “Lucido” and “Opaco” surfaces, the former with particularly shiny surfaces and the latter with super-matte surfaces. Not only surfaces, different types of kitchens will also be the focus of attention. The “Stone” kitchen, with stone surfaces that have always been considered particularly noble, fascinating, original and unique, and combined with knotty oak horizontal veneer.

The “Metal-x²” kitchen, on the other hand, features, as the name implies, metal surfaces (hand-filled), which contrast with the walnut finish. The “Riva” kitchen features a gentle, calm and balanced aesthetic, with new filigree glass framed doors with gray float glass, which open up different design possibilities, and an illuminated shelf system – combined with upper or lower cabinets and modular side panels with clear glass inserts – is highly functional with a unique design.

Elephant Skin” and “Cargo” also deserve a mention. The former is a kitchen that, among its special features, has a recessed back panel. Moreover, the washing area is elegantly “hidden” by the folding door system. The well-thought-out concept does not include floor runners and offers optimal and flexible use of space without the hindrance of protruding doors. “Cargo” is a functional piece of furniture made by Zeiler that takes advantage of every nook and cranny and fits harmoniously into kitchen elevations. Interesting is the intelligent pull-out system, which provides convenient access to accessories even in the corner of the extended worktop in a smooth cycle.

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