A photo exhibition at Saib Egger Group

Saib Egger Group presented the photo exhibition “Focale Circolare, la rigenerazione comemetafora” by Cristiano Bendinelli in Spazio 5/A, the company’s showroom in Caorso (Piacenza). The exhibition will run until 31 August.

Set up on panels selected for the occasion, the images tell the story of the factory as a place of regeneration and transformation, of virtuous processes, a synthesis of nature and technology. “In the Saib Egger Group,” explains the company in the launch press release, “tools and the work of men give new life to post-consumer materials and objects. Thus, in Bendinelli’s photos, machinery becomes great gentle giants, soldiers of metal capable of creating new production scenarios under the banner of the circular economy’.

The fil rouge that accompanies the exhibition is light, which like a blade connects the inside with the outside, defines the contours, marks the boundaries, determines the shadows, transforming dust, waste and fatigue into industrial poetics and giving a concrete image of the sustainable production process that distinguishes the company.

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