Ahec: three designer for the 10th “3daysofdesign”

For the 10th edition of “3daysofdesign”, American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) presents “Three”, an exhibition exploring the creative potential of American hardwoods and a new generation of Scandinavian designers. “Against a backdrop where the difficulties of global supply chains and the climate crisis make an urgent need for the design industry to rethink timber sourcing and switch to more environmentally sustainable hardwoods, AHEC advocates for American hardwoods such as red oak, cherry and maple,” it was explained in the pre-event press release.

“Three” was conceived to showcase the potential of these woods as sustainable and accessible materials through a trio of pieces that tread the line between functional design and sculptural art. The three design-makers each come from a different northern country: Anne Brandhøj from Denmark, Pia Högman from Sweden and Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng from Norway. Selected by AHEC for “…their sensitivity to natural materials, their commitment to sustainable production and the beauty and poetry of their research, they were each assigned a hardwood and the freedom to explore its creative potential“.

The exhibition at the Copenhagen Design Agency will not only display the finished pieces of the three designers, but will also tell visitors about the history of their creation and the importance of the American hardwood forests from which these inspirational materials come.

The three woods featured in the exhibition all grow in abundance in American hardwood forests, collectively making up 40 per cent of the forest volume, but are currently underrated in the design industry. Each plays a key role in the forest ecosystem and all contribute significantly to its diversity and sustainability. In addition to renewing themselves naturally and acting as natural carbon stores, these materials are also durable, tactile, versatile and aesthetically appealing, but all have their own characteristics and peculiarities.

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