Stockholm Wood City is born, an all-wood district in the Swedish

250 thousand square metres of floor space to house seven thousand offices and two thousand homes. Stockholm Wood City, a district built entirely out of wood in the southern part of the Swedish capital, is born (or rather will be born, since the first “stone” will be laid in 2025, and the first buildings completed in 2027, ed.).

The project, entrusted to the Atrium Ljungberg studio, which is particularly sensitive to the issue of sustainability, is the largest known timber construction project in the world, in a sector such as real estate that accounts for almost 40 per cent of the world’s CO2 emissions.

We are proud to present Stockholm Wood City“, explained Annica Ånäs, Managing Director of Atrium Ljungberg. “This is not only an important step for us as a company, but a historical milestone for Swedish innovation capacity. Stockholm Wood City manifests our future. There is a strong demand from tenants for innovative and sustainable solutions, a demand that we meet with this initiative“.

Wood housing will provide concrete advantages for the environment, but also for the health of the inhabitants. In addition to energy savings, thanks to photovoltaic panels the structures should also achieve full self-sufficiency, thus allowing (also thanks to the reduced need for insulation) a reduction in the costs of heating and cooling the rooms.
A choice, that of Stockholm Wood City, which follows a green-oriented path particularly evident in Scandinavian countries. It is precisely in Sweden, in fact, that one of the world’s tallest wooden skyscrapers was recently built in Skelleftea, a town almost entirely made of wood, which we have talked about here.

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