SCM opens the new digital home of woodworking innovation

The Italian group presented the latest innovations and the new Digital Control Room at SCM Headquarters in Rimini

More than 2,500 visitors from all over Europe, Asia, and North and South America, crowded the Scm Group headquarters in Rimini from 28 to 30 September to open the new Technology Center dedicated to the entire woodworking industry.
This new space has been enlarged to 4,000 square metres and presents technological and digital innovations for every machining requirement in the furniture industry, windows and doors production, timber construction and bespoke joinery.
The Technology Center was created as part of a redevelopment plan involving an additional 11,000 square metres of the entire Rimini industrial site.
Other investments, totalling an increase of 20,000 square metres, were made to increase production efficiency at the Scm sites in Monza, Piacenza and Siena, as well as at the Villa Verucchio site of the controlled company Hiteco, which specialises in electromechanical components.
The new Technology Center presents itself as the new digital home of woodworking innovation: every detail has been designed to offer the widest range of technologies and services and provide integrated, connected, flexible, more sustainable and optimized processes at each stage of secondary wood processing.
The event was an opportunity to discover the latest solutions developed by the Group which combine the strong technological skill for the production of solutions for furniture, doors and windows, timber construction and artisan joinery with the development of software and services, to accompany the client at each stage of their production process.

Among the new entries there were some applied to the CNC machining centres: Cargo, an innovative automatic system for loading and unloading doors and panels, and the new CAD-CAM programming software, Maestro lab.
Cargo was presented integrated with the morbidelli m200 pods&rails machining centre: it is a fully automated cell that requires no operator supervision, and it is unique in the market for its ability to continuously load and unload pieces in masked time while the machine performs drilling and routing operations. This exclusive solution allows for maximum efficiency by avoiding manual work phases and their associated costs and unproductive time, in addition to an unprecedented ease of use: both the machining centre and Cargo are directly managed with Maestro active HMI interface.  
However, if it is true that the technology remains the heart of SCM’s experience, the software and services are increasingly the guarantor element of a continuous and shared relationship with the client. Maestro lab is the new cutting-edge CAD/CAM programming software for both the office and machine use. Intuitive and dynamic, it allows you to easily transform an idea into a finished product, thanks to intelligent and technologically advanced programming functions and more than 150 already integrated apps. So, from the office to the factory in a flash via an enjoyable and fast user experience. 
The contextualised and continuous exchange of information from the machine to the cloud thanks to the IoT Maestro Connect platform means SCM can provide clients with rapid access to answers and specific advice which will support the operators and maintenance workers with their challenges and needs for autonomy when using, carrying out maintenance and programming the machine and software. A specific area created inside the Technology Center demonstrates how data are transformed into bespoke assistance and advisory services of a proactive and predictive nature with a view to guaranteeing the client operational continuity thanks to the most evolved digital technologies and constant attention by the SCM Service team.

SCM continues to invest in the excellence of its customer service and, for the event, opened the doors to Autostore, its new automated spare parts warehouse. This innovation has allowed SCM to increase fivefold the pick-up speed of the codes and increase the number of orders handled within 24h by 26 percent. All this with an energy consumption of less than 0.1 kWh per robot, confirming the Group’s focus on sustainability.
Sustainability which also means ergonomics and ease of use, made available to the operators of all the SCM machines by the renewed eye-M control panel, which makes the operator’s work easier and offers a modular programming and a higher calculation power.

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