A new headquarter for Cosmob

Cosmob, the technology centre in Montelabbate (PU) dedicated to the manufacturing sector, has inaugurated its new headquarters, one of the most technologically advanced hubs in Italy at the service of the manufacturing industry. The facility, located in the industrial district of Montelabbate in an area of over 5,000 square metres, is designed to represent a model of sustainability with the most advanced criteria for the use and valorisation of natural and energy resources. More than 20 professionals of mainly technical-scientific extraction work in the facility. “We inaugurate our new headquarters with the enthusiasm and conviction that we have built an advanced technological infrastructure that will allow us to look to the future with optimism and determination,” explained Cosmob president Zeno Avenanti. “This result coincides with Cosmob reaching 40 years of activity, which testifies to a solid strategy linked to the themes of quality and innovation that is the result of a strong synergy between public and private partners in the business world.

The model is that of an advanced technological centre, in which cutting-edge testing and experimentation laboratories, research and development areas, the FabLab, and the High Technical Specialisation School with ITS courses for the training and qualification of the technicians of the future are operational. And it is precisely to strengthen the activities of the ITS for Wood-Furniture that EUR 500,000 will be invested, through the Pnrr, to set up educational, digital fabrication, materials sustainability and ‘carpentry of the future’ laboratories.

The strategic project is aimed at responding to the new needs of the furniture product: today, increasingly complex and interactive functions are required of the product with the user, modifying its traditional functions. The furniture of the future will in fact be increasingly complex, interactive and sustainable,’ stressed Alessio Gnaccarini, Cosmob director.
Aiming at the territory, also thanks to the strong synergy with the regional university system, with a perspective of international growth, through recognitions and accreditations from the most important research bodies, as well as regulatory and certification bodies worldwide, is the basis of Cosmob’s growth strategy.

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