Scm Group in the top ten Italian companies for patents

Scm Group is among the Italian companies with the most patent applications in 2023. The Epo Patent Index data compiled by the European Patent Office and published today by the daily newspaper Milano Finanza, place the Rimini-based group, world leader in technologies for processing a wide range of materials and industrial components, in the top ten of the ranking.
“This news is further confirmation of the Group’s constant commitment to the innovation of its products and services, with the aim of offering customers increasingly advanced solutions in terms of efficiency, processing quality and sustainability, in highly competitive and constantly evolving sectors,” says CEO, Marco Mancini.

“In R&D activities Scm Group invests on average 7 per cent of its annual turnover,” adds general manager Luigi De Vito. “Innovation is at the heart of a process that involves the entire company and that not only takes market expectations into account, but above all aims to anticipate customers’ needs and increase the added value of their business projects”.
Coordinating the Group’s R&D path, together with Top Management, is an Innovation team across the various industrial sectors of competence, working side by side with specific process technologies to develop new solutions and skills. As Innovation Director Andrea Anesi says of the 2023 patents. “The Group has dedicated its innovative energies to various areas that include the world of digital and software applications, sustainability with the reduction of footprint, waste and consumption of machines and plants, as well as robotics applications and technological solutions aimed at facilitating the work of operators, improving performance, quality and human-machine interaction”.

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