Pneumax Group acquires 90 percent of Automationware

The Pneumax Group, acquires 90% of Automationware S.r.l., specialized in the production of high-performance electric actuators. “The transaction, now in its final organizational stages, will be completed in the first ten days of June.
This strategic acquisition will enable Pneumax to enhance its technology offering through the integration of Automationware components and solutions into its product portfolio”, explained the company in the press release.

The range of linear and rotary actuators will be completed with customs solutions, including the realization of embedded kinematic, pneumatic, and mechatronic systems, applicable in production plants, accelerating T2M (time to market) in line with connectivity and energy savings.

This is a strategic operation for our industrial group, one of the most significant in the history of the Pneumax Group, which is particularly focused on creating a crucial technological hub in Italy to be exported globally. It is in line with our strategic plan, which aims to expand our activities also through external acquisitions and will allow us to strengthen our presence in fast-growing market sectors, where demand is increasingly looking for complete solutions, with a focus on new energy efficiency issues and smooth design integration. Furthermore, it will make possible us to meet the growing demand for applications, highlighting our ability to offer not only single products but also integrated solutions’, commented Rossella Bottacini, ceo of Pneumax.

After six months of intense activity, on 20 May 2024 we successfully completed the Corporate Demerger Project of Automationware into two distinct branches that have fueled the company’s growth in recent years. On one hand, the mechatronics division continues to operate under the name Automationware S.r.l. and on the other, the division dedicated to robotic automation evolves under the new name Innobotics S.r.l. The sale of the mechatronics division to Pneumax marks a significant step in our reorganization strategy. This move was facilitated by the deep industrial compatibility and long-term vision that characterizes the Pneumax Group, making it the ideal partner to put forward these business project. At the same time, this operation confirms and reinforces our commitment to focus our energies in the robotic automation sector, exploiting synergies with Integrationtech S.r.l., part of our HMotion project. The clear separation of the two areas allows HInd spa to focus decisively on innovation and excellence in the robotics field, guaranteeing targeted and strategic growth in our core business“, comments Claudio Rovere, President of Hind.

This acquisition by Pneumax perfects the need to achieve a global presence and support, thanks to a sales network capable of meeting customers’ needs worldwide.
Automationware’s product portfolio is well known for developing disruptive technologies in today’s mechatronics, not only technological products but solutions up to kinematic and multi-axis system management. This acquisition allows us to accelerate development also in industry by evolving current actuators for performance and new technologies for overall control and management.
A vision of integration not only mechanical but systemic than the application, management of the seventh/eighth axis of support for robots to the integration of mechatronic and pneumatic systems in mobile robotics for logistics picking.
In addition, the product development roadmap includes a strong focus on mixed solutions, combining pneumatic technology and electrical actuation such as, for example, gripping systems, again with kinematic control integrated into the cell management“, comments Fabio Rossi, CEO of Automationware.

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