Panguaneta certifies the entire lifle cycle assessment for plywood

Panguaneta spa, specialist in Italy and Europe in the production of plywood and poplar multilayers plywood, has been developing for ten years a process of renewal aimed at improving the sustainability of productive processes to protect the territory. The company confirms its commitment to a responsible production with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification over the entire product life cycle.
Panguaneta was the first company to obtain EPD certification for the plywood sector in Italy and the first in Europe for poplar plywood, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14025.

EPD certification ensures that Panguaneta transparently manages its environmental impact over the entire lifecycle,” says the company. “We are proud to be the first in Italy to certify the entire life cycle of our products, a choice that has meant analyzing all our production phases with transparency and using great resources. In these years of major market changes, we believe that it is necessary to continue bravely to invest in innovation and responsible production, creating value for our company and our territory“.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an important information and communication tool for environmental performance, especially for architects and designers in choosing the best products to meet the most strict environmental standards. This is a voluntary certification that affects the entire life cycle of the product (raw material, cutting, bonding, transport, emission values, waste management).

Panguaneta’s EPD certification is also an interesting addition to the finished product that reaches the end user and consumer and is a competitive advantage for professionals who, by purchasing the product, can integrate their offer and implement projects with a high profile of environment sustainability.

Panguaneta always promotes good industrial practices that contribute to the ecological balance of the territory, while at the same time generating great resources for the economy and employment: its growth process is a positive example of how the industrial space renovation processes allow not only to bring benefits to the company and its productivity but have important positive effects on the territory where the company is integrated.

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