Cei-Bois: forest stakeholders call for a stronger EU Forest Strategy

On the 11 of January 2019, major representatives of the European forest owners, managers, contractors and the forest-based industry have come together to issue a joint call to the European Commission, Parliament and Council to update the EU Forest Strategy with the aim to strengthen its role as a key reference for sustainable forest management. 

Following this joint call – and while acknowledging the recent report from the European Commission on the progress in the implementation of the Forest Strategy – forestry sector stakeholders decided to hold a round table meeting on the Coherence between forest-related policies in the EU and the role of the Forest Strategy, on 4 February 2019, at the European Forestry House in Brussels.

The European forest-based sector conveyed a joint and clear message: an updated and stronger EU Forest Strategy is needed to ensure that in the coming decades forest-related EU policies are better coordinated and endorse sustainable forest management and the multifunctional role of forests in a consistent way.

Forests and the forest-based sector are increasingly expected to deliver on recent and coming horizontal and sectoral EU policies (e.g: the Renewable Energy Directive; the updated EU Bioeconomy Strategy; the LULUCF Regulation; the future Common Agricultural Policy; Sustainable Investments). A coalition of forest and forest-based sector associations have brought together around 60 representatives from EU institutions, the Romanian Presidency of the Council, research and stakeholders to exchange views on the future of the EU Forest Strategy and to explore possible ways forward to strengthen sustainable forest management in EU forest-related policies.

During the discussion, several stakeholders highlighted that the Commission progress report refrains from making concrete recommendations for the post 2020 period and reiterated their call for an updated and stronger EU Forest Strategy to provide consistency among EU policies.

Mr Ionel Popa, a representative of the Romanian Presidency, indicated that the Council is working on its conclusions on the progress report that will also cover the role of the EU Forest Strategy beyond 2020.

Jytte Guteland, Member of the European Parliament, stated that “the EU Forest Strategy should help to develop common ideas on sustainable forest management in order to ensure consistency when working on EU policies dealing with forests”.  Nils Torvalds, Member of the European Parliament commented: “Forestry can play a great role in achieving climate change objectives, but it can’t do this alone”.


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