Biesse at Woodex 2019

Woodex is the final exhibition this year in the Biesse campaign “Future on Tour”, a series of special events globally where Biesse celebrates its 50 year anniversary with its clients. The Biesse anniversary 2019 year has become very important for Russia: the first showroom opened in Moscow and became a perfect example of a mix between the heritage of the past and the vector to the future


 The Biesse anniversary 2019 year has become very important for Russia: the first showroom opened in Moscow and became a perfect example of a mix between the heritage of the past and the vector to the future. Woodex traditionally is an important place for us to demonstrate the main technologies, and we are happy to have the biggest stand at the fair this year, where we are meeting our customers to introduce them to the factory of the future, which will revolutionize the production in every company,” explains Matteo Vaglica, General Director of Biesse Russia subsidiary.  


The second important concept of Biesse at the exhibition is Automaction. The production of the future is a reality where creative mind of a human is meeting the endless capacity of machines. This synergy opens eternal opportunities and benefits of robotization and digital production. Thanks to this alliance and Biesse’s passion the production becomes integrated and fully automized, this is AutomAction. This concept is the heart of creating digital production at big factories and is a key to strengthening and increasing the production effectiveness in a large-scale factory.    


At Woodex 2019 Biesse is demonstrating 8 main technologies: 

1. “Rover A” – Сnc processing center, which guarantees the maximum productivity and flexibility of production. This machine will become a perfect fit for factories willing to conduct all types of processing fast and economic. Rover A fits perfectly for production of windows, doors, ladders, furniture etc.

2. “Rover K FT” – compact numerical control processing center with Gantry structure designed to machine panels made from wood and its derivatives. The ideal solution for artisan producers and for small and medium-sized businesses which require flexibility and ease of use within a limited production space. “Rover K FT” can perform the following processing: nesting of facades and furniture elements, carving of wood massive, panels and doors.

3. “Brema Eko 2.2” – a new vertical boring machine, compact and flexible, which allows processing of parts of different thickness and sizes, taking up minimum space at the factory. It’s a perfect fit for production in real time, including complex sizing. Vertical processing of the panels and the technical features of the vertical boring allow processing of any delicate surfaces.

4. “Skipper 100” – innovative processing center with numerical control able to process panels of varied formats in real time. It’s ideal for the non-standard production of large companies where personalisation becomes the norm, for producing small batches for third parties, and for those requiring just-intime flexible production. Skipper 100 makes special operations standard. Full flexibility means zero adjusting time – Skipper changes the settings on the go and always allows maximum outcome, even when producing a single piece.

5. “Stream A” – is a new range of automated single-sided edgebanding machines aimed at craftspeople and small enterprises who wish to increase their production capacity. It enables users to able to face huge amount of work. It seamlessly adapt to any machining needs thanks to its configuration possibilities. A robust construction ensures reliability and accuracy, features of the machines being installed into a production line.

6. “Akron 1400” – is a range of single-sided edgebanding machines for the application of edging in either rolls or strips. Compact working units designed to simplify the preparation operations are available with various configurations to suit specific production requirements. No joints and no glue line, in perfect harmony with the panel. Air Force System, available on Biesse edgebanding machines, is based on the physical principle of convection. By using a compressed hot air system, the edge bonds perfectly with the panel guaranteeing resistance to water and heat and an excellent long lasting quality finish.

7. “Selco WN 2” – a cutting centre for the small business that decides to make a first investment to improve production and machining quality by passing from conventional manual machinery to real cutting technology which is reliable and easy to use at a low cost. The Twin Pusher, a patent of Biesse cutting center range, consists of two complementary pushers. An additional support allows independent cutting of stripes up to 650 mm wide.

8. “Opera 5” – is the new finishing center designed to satisfy the needs of medium to large-sized enterprises that require versatility and a high technology content. The wide range of available groups, which can be combined and repeated inside the machine in 4 positions, allow quality exceeding the market standards and processing of panels of varied formats.

Moreover, there is a dedicated area at the stand for demonstration of the software for simplifying and introducing automatization to the production process like iOT platform “Sophia” and “B_Cabinet”. The Parts service is also represented at the stand, a service which helps solve daily tasks of the clients in any part of the world.  


In September 2019 the first showroom opened in Moscow becoming a place for customer visits and demonstration conduction, as well as holding meetings with Biesse’s partners. Area of more than 2000 sq meters allows to demonstrate the most modern technologies and software, which helps make the production processes simpler and automize them. Opening of the campus is an important milestone in the company’s development in Russia and CIS, which has seen Biesse gaining strength and expand its presence on the market during the recent years. 

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