#Everything will be fine

We are confident that everything will be fine. It’s going to be a painful, ugly, humiliating, distressing, dramatic period, but in the end we will learn something good.

It’s going to be a tough period for everyone, and at Xylon, we will try to play our part: no one can just stop and wait. We cannot believe that everything will be solved in a short time. We cannot give up making plans, imagining, being part of a story, however limited, stern, even inscrutable.

Printed magazines. We cannot hide that the situation is very difficult, also for us. We had to “dismantle” the January-February issue of our magazine because, as we were going to press, the world’s heart stopped beating (but it will recover soon, don’t worry!). We did not feel like sending out a magazine that wrote about cancelled exhibitions or situations that had been overcome by reality beyond any imagination.

So, we decided to re-build it from scratch and close officially on February 28. But even after that date, many things have happened, and we could not change our plans for the third time. In the issue you are receiving and can also read online , you will still find a few obsolete contents, here and there you will have a feeling that something is wrong, because some situations have changed further, some scenarios are no longer valid, but it’s just few exceptions. For the rest, as usual, we did our best to tell you the big stories of our industry. 

We are here to support! In the coming days, we will write to you, make contact, invite you to stay with us. Now more than ever, we must all keep working, provide services, carry on and get ready to start again at full speed! Write to us. Tell us your stories. Put us in touch with a customer to write a nice case history: maybe you did not have time to think about it before, and now’s the time.

We are all “smart”, we work remotely and we keep doing our job the best we can, just like you, with the same desire to turn page soon.

Meanwhile, take care of yourself and your loved ones, as well as the people you meet every day, because today more than ever, we need acts of kindness, attention and compassion.

We, the Xylon team, will keep reporting all we can, with all the constraints of this difficult situation, firmly believing that this industry, just like the rest of the world, will not surrender.


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