Scm and Cms awarded in the 57th edition of Smau

Scm and Cms, the two reference brands in the machinery sector of Scm Group, protagonists at the 57th edition of Smau, the annual innovation show scheduled at Fieramiolanocity on 20 and 21 October. The software and digital services integrated with Scm machines for woodworking and Cms machines for composites, plastics, marble, glass and metal, won the “Smau Innovation” award. The general manager of Scm Group Marco Mancini collected it for the Group during the “Smau Live Show” event dedicated to the theme “Interconnection of integrated and digital production systems and processes: the factory becomes smart”.

The award is a recognition of the high innovative value offered by Scm and Cms industrial machines, equipped with IoT services with the aim of making the factories of end customers (from the furniture industry to construction, from automotive to aerospace, from to the processing of plastic materials) increasingly performing in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The Scm Group case of excellence illustrated and awarded at Smau is an example of how industrial machines themselves “change their face”: from “pure mechanics”, they are made more and more “intelligent” and smart, connected and integrated to the entire factory, in line with the needs of Industry 4.0. In particular, all data and information on the operation of the machine, once also detected by dedicated sensors, are transmitted and centralized on the web and then transformed into high added value services for the end customer. The IoT platforms “Maestro connect” by Scm and “Cms connect” by Cms have made it possible, and they allow the end customer to always operate with the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

Innovation, digitization and customer support services – comments Marco Mancini, general manager of Scm Group – remain the keys success factor for our Group and, in particular, for the Scm and Cms divisions. The trend, also in the machinery sector, is to increasingly transform itself from machine manufacturers to service producers that focus on the actual needs of the customer, the optimization of its production processes and business projects“.

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