First Panguaneta’s Sustainability report

Panguaneta, among the leading “made in Italy” brands in the production of plywood, has completed the drafting of its first Sustainability Report, a document that reinforces the company’s commitment to sustainable management and focuses on the environment, people and territory in an ethical business vision. Panguaneta’s Sustainability Report, which was prepared according to Gri (Global Reporting Initiative, ed.) standards, can become, in the company’s vision, a tool for reporting and regulatory compliance, as well as a tool for communication, disclosure and dialogue with stakeholders on key environmental, economic and social aspects.

We wanted to take a step forward and encapsulate in our first Sustainability Report the path we have taken, sharing our achievements, difficulties and future goals to improve. It is first and foremost a choice of transparency and courage“, said Mauro Azzi president of Panguaneta. “We wanted to challenge ourselves even in a difficult time due to the pandemic crisis and examine our work in a vision of business ethics that embraces commitment to people and the environment, through good industrial practices that contribute to global ecological balance“.

Among the highlights of Panguaneta’s sustainability report is certainly the great attention paid to human resources. Indeed, in 2018 the company adopted a code of ethics aimed at recognizing even more the dignity of labor and promoting stable and lasting employment. A commitment that is demonstrated by the numbers: out of the company’s 206 employees, as many as 200 are hired on a permanent basis. In recent years, despite the pandemic crisis, Panguaneta has confirmed its commitment to ensuring employment stability, consolidating its workforce.

Environmental issues are at the heart of Panguaneta’s sustainability journey, which today can demonstrate its efforts through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (tons of Co2 equivalent), certified through the calculation of its Carbon Footprint.
That’s not all: 90 percent of the thermal energy used for production processes comes from renewable sources and, in addition, the company is committed to reducing water consumption.

In this context, the sustainability report is another step in the path taken by Panguaneta toward increasingly sustainable business management. A path that in 2015 saw the implementation of a certified environmental management system and in 2018 resulted in the Epd, the environmental product declaration.
In addition, Panguaneta uses wood certified according to strict environmental, social and economic standards (Fsc, Forest Stewardship Council, and Pefc, Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification), and holds numerous product certifications that guarantee the control and containment of formaldehyde emissions.

Panguaneta, through an agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo, is committed to fostering the access of small businesses, industrial and non-industrial, to financial services, including loans on convenient terms, and their integration into markets and supply chains.

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