Eurobois: 23,000 visitors and 480 exhibitors

Some very good numbers that leave one looking to the future with optimism. The first “post-Covid” Eurobois (or so it is hoped, ed.) held at Eurexpo in Lyon from June 14 to 17 this year attracted some 23,000 visitors who came to see the innovations and products of some 480 exhibitors. “We had a very good return of visitors,” Florence Mompo, Eurobois director, told us, “and we are very pleased that we managed not only to return to ‘pre-Covid’ levels, but even to exceed them, attracting more exhibitors and visitors than in 2020.” 

And indeed, compared to the last edition, exhibitors grew by 15 percent, with 34 percent coming from abroad. “We have also seen a very good response from Italian exhibitors and visitors,” said Piergoffredo Ronchi, sales representative for Italian exhibitors, during the event.

All exhibitors and partners were unanimous in stating that this edition of Eurobois gave back positive feedback. Attendance figures confirm this trend, with 22,883 professionals in attendance over the four days and a 5 percent increase over the last edition in the share of national (as opposed to local) visitors, which now stands at 50 percent. The visitor profiles include a majority of project promoters, buyers and decision makers, all of whom came to the show with concrete goals (launching new business activities, investing in equipment, finding partners, etc.),” the Eurobois organization wrote on the post-event press release.

The next edition will be held Feb. 6-9, 2024, at the usual Eurexpo venue in Lyon.


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