Xylexpo preview, “Ecolem” and “Thw”: new solutions from BigOnDry

Among several aces in the hole recently developed by BigOnDry – the Italian specialist of high-performance drying kilns, “Ispm-15” heat treatment plants and steaming chambers – “BigOnDry Thw” is a thermos-modification systems based on the “Styl+Wood” technology patented by the Vicenza-based company.

Leveraging a special wood processing concept, the “Styl+Wood” technology delivers wood with peculiar features, suitable to withstand weather agents such as rain, sun and snow, as well as microorganisms, without undergoing significant modification or deterioration, even many years after installation.

In “BigOnDry Thw”, wood is submitted to a 100 percent natural process that uses air, water and heat, with no contamination thanks to the absence of chemical products.  With this process, BigOnDry delivers valuable wood suitable for diverse applications.  

Test results have shown excellent values in terms of dimensional stability. Wood can be processed to obtain a final product that will not be subject to significant dimensional variations, so it can be used in several applications, including building renovation, indoor parquet, outdoor decking and cladding, design furniture, shipbuilding and spas.

The technological innovation by BigOnDry has also resulted into a hybrid plant with a strong environmental concept called “BigOnDry Ecolem”, which puts environmental sustainability in the forefront, in a critical moment for the availability of energy resources for energy-hungry plants such as drying kilns. The company has focused on the management of the drying cycle, with constant monitoring and control of energy consumption. “The goal is to integrate multiple energy sources to manage and operate this new type of drying plant”.

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