Colombini-Baumer: a new collaboration!

Colombini – San Marino-based company – has set up a state-of-the-art batch 1 production facility on the fourth floor of their High Tech plant in Rovereta 1.
The highly automated plant was realized in cooperation with the  Ima Schelling Group and Sirio Treviso.

Baumer Inspection checks the quality of the components after the various processing steps in order to monitor and optimize production for maximum efficiency.
After the Schelling company’s high-performance “CombiCut” panel saw, the top and bottom surfaces are first inspected with Baumer Inspection’s Furniture 4.0 system. Reject and second-grade parts are intercepted in addition to checking the grain direction. Immediately after the panel is scanned, a barcode label is applied. Reports of any defects are transmitted to Baumer “Inspection’s Q-Life” database with reference to the relevant panel ID. Rejected or second-rate parts are automatically ejected and transported to a reprocessing station. At this station an operator scans the barcode and receives on the screen all information about the type of defect and its position on the panel. In this way, the operator can easily decide whether to turn the panel, in the case of minor defects, or whether to cut the panel into a different size, or whether it should be re-sorted immediately.

After the surface inspection, all first-rate panels are instead distributed on three Batch 1 edgebanding machines from IMA Klessmann. At each pass, the quality of the edge banding coming off the machine is now checked with the Edge 3D system from Baumer Inspektion. Once the various passes for all the edges have been completed, the workpieces arrive at another reprocessing station. The operator automatically sees on the screen of the Baumer Inspection any edge defects and their position on the panel. A second Colombini monitor shows the exploded view of the relevant cabinet and highlights the location of the workpiece in question. “The operator can thus see at a glance where the part will be mounted inside the cabinet and what visibility a possible defect will have. By obtaining all the information, a decision can be made as to whether the part should be used, repaired or reordered immediately“.
Baumer Inspection systems offer Colombini the basis for concrete and efficient optimization of the production process. In addition, not only good parts end up at the packaging department, but also reproduced parts arrive in good time and do not keep customers or truck drivers waiting for delivery.
Baumer Inspection’s innovative Q-Brain software is also used in all inspection systems. This software mainly distinguishes between false defects such as dirt or swarf and real defects. A valuable aid and a huge saving for the manual inspection of rejected parts.

During the conception and design of a department of over 400 pieces/ h we set ourselves the important and challenging goal of being able to automatically control all the batch1 pieces that come with a depth of range of over 200 different decorative and any dimension size” commented Baumer. “For this challenge we chose Baumer with whom a multi-year collaboration was already undertaken, to achieve the goal Colombini and Baumer put together their skills: technical skills, method, planning, tenacity, determination, team spirit and dedication to work.
After going through all the phases of this project that brought us a precise control of the quality process and a scientific interception of the waste, we arrived at the goal together”.

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