Lamello: new cordless line

New battery-powered milling machines to reduce assembly time and enable cordless machining. Lamello, the Swiss furniture joining specialist, is planning for the future and, to do so, is launching two new lines of cordless milling machines.

The cordless “Zeta P2” is the profile biscuit joiner for even faster joints, suitable for use with “P-System” connectors. It is used to create the form-locking “P-System” groove within seconds, and is even more flexible to use thanks to its battery drive. The integrated vertical mechanical drive is automatically triggered at the maximum cutting depth and performs a lateral cutter movement for the “P-System” groove. Connectors with various functions and different sizes can now be inserted into the form-locking “P-System” groove without the need for any tools.

Classic X” is the original biscuit joiner from the inventor of the Lamello system for cutting the four millimeters groove. The proven and well-designed “Classic X” is fast and versatile in its use and the basis for the wide range of connectors with fixed, self-clamping and detachable solutions. Precision in every component leads to perfect accuracy of the workpieces, and the battery drive means even more flexible application. The multifunctional stop square allows perfect mitres by applying on the exterior surface and stabilises the machine in vertical position.

The advantages of switching from a cordless to a cordless milling machine where necessary are particularly significant“, Lamello told the press release pre-Xylexpo, the biennial international trade fair for the furniture industry and manufacturers of woodworking machinery and technology. These include greater mobility in the workshop (or on the building site), quick assembly without electrical plug-in connections and, last but not least, safer movement without the risk of tripping over wire.

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