Ascari Wood&Design chooses Lamello

United by a joint Allow us to open this article about the collaboration between Lamello, the Swiss specialist of wood joining systems, and Ascari Wood&Design, a Modena-based carpenter’s shop, with this joke for “industry insiders”. A joke to start telling the story of a unity of purpose based on “P-System”.
P-System has revolutionised how we work and our method of assembly, saving us massive amounts of time. All I can say is thank you, Lamello“, said Filippo Ascari, son of the business founder.

From “P-System” to a wide range of solutions created by Lamello. “Each year – according to Ascari – between 5,000 and 6,000 furniture joints are used, including “Clamex P-14”, “Tenso P-14” and “Divario P-18”.
Clamex joints are used in every project for wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms, and bookcases. “When we discovered the benefits of the “P-System” – Ascari continued – we had a meeting with all production employees and decided that, from then on, we’d only ever use “Clamex”. We get on well, also because sometimes there are pieces of furniture that have to be disassembled and sent off for painting. During assembly, for example, a piece can sometimes get damaged. With “P-System”, now we have the option to leave the furniture with the customer and replace only the damaged piece. benefit both us and the customer”. The furniture is pre-assembled in the shop, where the staff check that everything is in conformity. It’s then disassembled and painted within two days. Ascari’s in-house fitters deliver everything to the customer and the furniture is assembled on site. A benefit for the producer, who does not need to reprocess the piece of furniture, but only individual parts in case of inaccuracies or defects.

Not only joints. The partnership between the two organizations has also been extended to “cutting” and, for jobs not processed on the cnc working center, the “Zeta P2” milling machine is used.
“As a test customer – they told us at Lamello – the carpentry company Ascari Wood & Design was invited to use the Zeta P2 battery in advance of the sales launch in September. It was used at a villa in Rimini, where playhouses had to be connected in the children’s room at 45 and 57-degree angles”.

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