Egalware: flexible solutions for the digital transition of the wood industry

The recent Xylexpo 2022 trade show was an excellent international launching stage for Egalware, a young Italian company born from the union of two well-established companies from Bergamo, Italy: Egaltech, a well-known company at the forefront of cad/cam software development, and Steamware, specialized in the production of systems for the interconnection of machines and plants for production control, also with an “industry 4.0” perspective. 

Xylexpo 2022 was an opportunity to introduce the general public to a product that was created and developed precisely to make these two cad/camworlds and Mes-Scada systems coexist in a functional and innovative way: “NKC – New Kitting Cell“, told us the company after the event.Underlying the development of the production management part of this software is the decades of experience gained in the development of Egalware’s flagship product in the area of production plant monitoring: “Mapo“!“.

“Mapo” is Egalware’s solution for the smart factory and Industry 4.0: a set of hardware and software tools dedicated to the realtime control of production, which allows monitoring the status of machines and plants by creating productivity and efficiency reports, as well as ensuring the traceability of each job. This system dialogues with whatever machine or plant is present in the department thanks to the versatility of the communication protocols and the experience of the developers gained through years of work in production departments. 

One of  “Mapo”‘s strengths is its accessibility! Being a product developed on a web infrastructure it can be easily accessed from any environment within the company, all you need is a device connected to the internal network, a notebook, a pc, a tablet or a smartphone…
Each department can choose the connection device it deems most functional. For example, the “Mapo Site” module is dedicated to use by office workstations, from this area it is possible to analytically study production data and check the efficiency indices of each connected machine; “Mapo Adm“, on the other hand, is the area dedicated to administrative management; while “Mapo Tab” is the interface designed for edge-of-machine interactions oriented to the maximum speed of execution of daily operations, which allows operators, via smart devices and tablets, to make comments, declarations and confirmations of production and rejects“. 

Those who have been using this innovative MES system for several years say that Mapo enables not only monitoring and verification of production efficiency of the entire shop floor, but also timely control of the status of each individual machine“, concluded Egalware. “This also enables better management of the maintenance phase so as to minimize production downtime“. 


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