Salvamac choose “I feel wood”

The motto adopted by Salvamac for an intensive period of work and success is “I Feel Wood”, a pay-off that stands out against a colorful background and reminds of a timeless musical hit… A message full of vitality and optimism that effectively represents the growth of the Italian-Polish company, which is currently completing its move into a brand new production site in Poznan, on the highway to Berlin, and hiring new employees and sales engineers to meet increasing demand from many countries where Salvamac is operating and new markets that are opening.
The pay-off is also about the “feeling”, the sensorial pleasure conveyed by a material like solid wood which represents the foundation of Salvamac’s mission, building on the thirty-year experience of its founders Christian Salvador and Ziemovit Dolkowski – in this industry.

Ligna will be an opportunity to showcase Salvamac’s latest creations, starting from the new cross-cutting saws “Legend”, a family of four models with 400, 500, 550 and 600 millimeter blade diameters, featuring the long-proven “Salvastop” electronic positioning device that turns these saws into numerical control cutting centers, offering quick and easy cutting operations and data streams for business software, devices, label printers and barcode scanners.

The high-end family has also been expanded with the new powerful “Ultracut 7000”, designed and built for heavy-duty jobs, essential where strong power and high cutting efficiency are required. At Ligna, Salvamc is also exhibiting its “best buy” solution, “SalvaPush 2000”, and officially launch the “WoodWe” brand that promotes the collaboration with many companies in the solid wood business.

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