Fimal: innovative solutions for cutting

Fimal srl was established in 2013 and has been consolidating its foundations leveraging the multi-year experience of its founders in the woodworking machinery business.

They have acquired the historical brand Paoloni Macchine (a big player in the international market since 1955) and carried on their production of traditional machines, concurrently with new projects developed in their engineering department.

Fimal is based in the Marche region, with deep roots in the territory, distinguished by its made-in-Italy focus and know-how. These distinctive features can be found not only in the in-house manufacturing department, executing primary aluminum and cast iron machining up to assembling and testing, but also in the network of Italian suppliers, offering a guarantee for the quality of raw materials.

KR Spin-Rotomatic” is a horizontal cutting center for panels, designed to meet the requirements of series and “one-off” (or single batch) production, without impacting on cycle time. Thanks to the innovative “Rotomatic” system that automatically transfers the strip created with the first cut longitudinal to the cross cut, the productivity and accuracy of the piece are no longer dependent on the operator, who only has to take care of extracting the finished parts.

The new electronic squaring machine “Concept 350 Plus” was originally designed as “Concept 350” in 2014, when the global crisis was still enduring and the market trend still weak: Fimal believed it was the right time to present an innovative machine that would change the panel cutting concept. “Concept” is available in three versions, with different squaring lengths: 2,600/3,200/3,800 millimeters. With the same cutting width, the “Concept 350” footprint is 50 percent smaller than a conventional squaring machine. “Concept 350” is currently distributed in over 40 countries across six continents.

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