“Noemi”: an open door between tradition and innovation

No glues and no chemical adhesives. “Noemi” is the latest addition to Rubner Türen – the Rubner Group company specialized in entrance doors – a highly sustainable solid wood door that interprets the ancient tenon and mortise joining technique in a modern key, continuing the path undertaken by the group searching for ever greater naturalness and eco-sustainability.

A “new” technique, but with an ancient tradition behind it: the mortise and tenon joint, in fact, has been used for hundreds of years by carpenters from all over the world. This is combined with a design with simple lines in which the exposed grain of the spruce warms the space, emphasizing the feeling of passage between one environment and another. The expansion joint runs perpendicular along the door leaf, taking on a decorative line and allowing the wood to expand and compress under the inputs of humidity and heat, without deforming the design.

Interior doors define our living space – explains Matthias Willeit, marketing manager at Rubner Türen – and are one of the first and last design elements to be noticed in a home. They convey hospitality, they can create a filter between two environments, or separate spaces to enhance their differences. In the case of “Noemi” the spruce is left natural, the soft and warm nuance of this material is ideal for giving a touch of naturalness to colder environments, or it can be colored in an ecological way with oils or pigmented waxes to imprint a more determined personality“.

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