Fair&Precious: from wood to environmental sustainability

When Fair&Precious project was born in 2018, the goal was clear: to protect forests by promoting their development and sustainable management in West Africa. A joint project led by Atibt – International Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux – and which, with the support of the German credit institute KfW and the French development agency Afd, blew out three candles in November.

Thanks to Fair&Precious program – said Olman Serrano, president of Atibt – we are gradually raising awareness among public and private stakeholders on the right balance that the forest certifications Fsc (Forest Stewardship Council, ed.) and Pefc-Pafc (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes, an organization made up of environmental groups, a body born as a voluntary and non-profit initiative of some forest owners, ed.) Represent in terms of forest conservation, wildlife protection and economic and social development in the basin of the Congo. African states encourage local processing of products”.

Three years of experience behind him and ten “commitments” later, the common denominator remains the same: safeguarding the environment and promoting the use of certified wood, while developing knowledge on biodiversity and stimulating the economy of producing countries by enhancing the forest and promoting local wood processing. Raise awareness today, to prevent the environmental damage of tomorrow.

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