Hymmen digital printing technologies win another innovation award

I4F – a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry – recently won the “Best of Tise (The international surfaces event)” Surfaces 2021 Innovation Award for its portfolio of digital printing technologies.  This recognized Hymmen’sDigital Lacquer Embossing Plus” technology (we told about this here), solely available via an I4F license, for its advancements in the creation of unbelievably real optics and haptics. Hymmen has established itself as one of the world’s leading providers of industrial digital printing for flooring and already won the “Great Innovations Award” at the Inprint fair in 2014 and an Interzum Red Dot Award for its patented “Dle” technology in 2019.

Due to “Covid-19” travel restrictions, Hymmen was unable to exhibit at the 2021 Surfaces fair in Las Vegas. Hymmen´s patent partner I4F,presented Hymmen’s Digital Printing technologies on its booth. Focused on the flooring industry, Hymmen has been developing industrial digital printing development for thirteen years and has become a market leader with more than 45 single-pass digital printing lines and Hymmen’s technologies deliver more than 80 percent of the world’s digitally printed flooring.

Protected Patented Innovation

To ensure that customers have protected access to innovative digital printing technologies, I4F and Hymmen entered into an exclusive patent partnership to promote and develop Hymmen‘s strong digital printing Ip portfolio in November 2020. This partnership gives I4F exclusive licensing rights for all Hymmen’s digital printing patents and technologies for flooring production, including Hymmen’s award winning “Digital Lacquer Embossing Plus” technology. This partnership ensures broader Ip protection against inferior, unprotected copy-cat technologies. Digital printing innovations are setting the scene for the future of the flooring industry and will play a massive role in the development of new products from the floor upwards.

Tise’s annual “Best of Tise” Awards recognize companies whose product, program, service, business practice and/or booth design are considered “best” in their class. The “Best of Tise” event awards for each show (Surface, StonExpo/Marmomac and TileExpo) are determined by a panel of judges chosen by the official publication sponsors. 

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