Mmfa: Jan Dossche is the new president

MMFA’s latest Annual General Assembly brought changes to MMFA, the Multilayer Modular Flooring Association. Matthias Windmöller (Windmöller) has stepped down from his position as President, making way for newly elected Jan Dossche (USFloors International) to lead the organisation. Members of the Assembly re-elected Sebastian Wendel (Classen) and Carl Ruland (Novalis) as Directors for another two-year term. Dr. Peter M. Hamberger from Hamberger Industriewerke GmbH was reappointed as auditor.

I would like to express my gratitude to the General Assembly for putting me at the helm of MMFA. Building on the legacy of my predecessor and continued commitment of Carl, Sebastian and members-at-large, I believe that MMFA is key to ensuring key to ensuring relevance of the sector both at European level, when it comes to policy developments that may impact us or globally, and having a voice in standardisation”, said the incoming President of MMFA, Jan Dossche.

Departing President Matthias Windmöller stated: “I thank the General Assembly for giving me the opportunity to be at the forefront of MMFA all these years. Stepping down was not an easy decision, but I look forward to seeing how the organisation evolves from this point on. I also hope that the hard work we have put into different projects like the focus on EU policy developments to play an active role in achieving the EU’s Circular Economy objectives, digital transformation of the association or launch of EuFCA will continue to yield positive results.”

“I feel honoured by the trust that the MMFA Members granted us by renewing their support for the upcoming term. I am committed to carrying on the great work of the Technical Working Group in the next months, so that the association can showcase the highest quality of their products and continue to innovate; the next very exciting project is the development of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)”, said Sebastian Wendel, Vice-President.

Carl Ruland thanked the voting members for another re-election and said that “As the Convenor of the Market Development Working Group, I will focus on delivering accurate information that truly reflects the reach of the industry and scope of MMFA Members’ operations, so that relevance of our work can be recognised by key policymakers and market leaders.”

The Executive Board is elected by the MMFA General Assembly, the highest decision-making body of the association. All ordinary members are part of the annual Assembly, which is responsible for electing the Executive Board and the chairmen of the MMFA Committees for a two-year mandate.

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