Steves & Sons, Inc – Siempelkamp: a new partnership

New order for German wood-based panel plant manufacturer Siempelkamp: US door manufacturer Steves & Sons, Inc. has ordered two forming and pressing lines for the production of door skins ). The new Texan customer has also ordered two fiber dryers and an energy plant from the Büttner branch in Siempelkamp. With this project, Steves & Sons, a family-owned Texan company, enters the door cladding sector“, said Siempelkamp in the press release issued for the occasion.

The two pressing lines each consist of a fiber classifier, a forming line, a forming line and a multi-light press that produces millions of door trims annually. When designing the pressing line, the focus was particularly on the wide variety of products, combined with minimizing trimming waste. For the process heat supply of the paper mill, Büttner supplies an energy system based on biomass combustion, which includes exhaust gas pre-cleaning and two fiber drying systems”. The energy system not only supplies thermal energy to the drying systems, but also heats the thermal oil for heating the presses and generates steam for defibering the wood. Commissioning and start-up are planned for 2024.

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