Salvamac: 2022 absolutely positive and 2023…to be discovered!

“A positive season that we expect to extend at least for the first part of 2023”. Christian Salvador, owner with Ziemowit Dolkowski of  Salvamac Group, comments on the results of the year just ended. “They have been twelve intense months, of great work and consolidation for a reality like ours, which has a history that is based on the experience and energy of people who have been working in this sector for decades.
An experience thanks to which we have achieved an excellent 2022 financial year, with a turnover that marked a growth of 27 percent compared to the previous year”.
Among the elements that have allowed to archive an excellent 2022 is the confirmation of the appreciation by the markets all over the world of the machines designed and built by the Italian-Polish company, with surprising sales data in the world of windows and doors for the “Salvapush 200″, a pusher optimizing saw that – thanks to the evolution in software and the ease of interconnection “Industry 4.0” – turns out to be a winning solution in small and medium-sized enterprises in the segment. 
In more general terms, 2022 saw a greater predisposition of operators for the most advanced Salvamac solutions, automatic or semi-automatic, capable of integrating with management systems and making daily work easier thanks to label printing or barcode reading systems.
An important year also in terms of new products, starting with the presentation in October of the “Salvacut 5000”,  a  new high-speed feed-through optimizing saw with electronic cutting that guarantees productivity up to 3,500 linear meters of profiles per hour, a concentrate of electronics and innovation that reaffirms the ease of use of all Salvamac solutions,  even when it comes to record-breaking performances.
Salvamac has further strengthened its share in all the countries in which it is present, with a positive peak in northern Europe, in particular in Great BritainSpain and Italy,  the latter thanks to the support guaranteed to companies by the measures of the national government that has strongly influenced investment choices.
Now it is to look to 2023: great news will be announced in May, when the “WoodWe” project will be officially presented,  through which Salvamac intends to renew its desire to give great answers to the needs of operators through a network of companies and a range of products that are a real solution. 
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