2022: A challenging year for the laminate flooring sector globally

After a series of successful years, the market of laminate floorings suffered in 2022. The members of the European producers of laminate flooring (Eplf) have experienced difficulties which translated in the sales volumes that showed an overall decline in most regions. This is mainly due to the global energy crisis that followed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has led to inflation.

The Eplf total sales for 2022 amount to 367.169.430 m², a decrease of minus 24 percent compared to 2021. Most regions are hit by this trend, with Latin America being hit the most by the drop in sales with 11.175.159 m² (minus 51 percent compared to 2021). In contrast, countries falling under the “other regions” are stable with sales merely at minus 0,35 percent compared to 2021 with 3.527.908 m² sold.

In 2022, sales in Western Europe decreased by minus 22 percent (179.084.344 m² sold). A vast majority of the countries in the region have been affected by the international upheaval, with the exception of Andorra (plus 5 percent), Cyprus (plus 4 percent), Iceland (plus 10 percent), and Monaco (plus 24,5 percent). Belgium at  minus 34,7 percent with 6.019.139 m² sold, Finland at minus 34,2 percent with  2.081.062 m² sold and The Netherlands at minus 33,5 percent with 14.158.495 m² are among the countries that suffered the most from the crisis in Western Europe. When it comes to Eastern Europe, the region was hit harder than its western counterpart as sales fell by minus 24 percent (107.745.587 m² sold) compared to 2021. Ukraine (minus 55 percent; 3.798.536 m² sold), Macedonia (minus 48.6 percent; 235.357m² sold) and Kosovo (minus 47 percent; 1.262.792 m² sold) suffered the most.

North America is the market impacted the least compared to other regions in the world with a setback of only minus 2,4 percent withs sales of 29.193.057 m². However, the Canadian market faced a drop of minus 37 percent in sales with 8.087.549 m² sold in 2022. In contrast, Latin America is the market that suffered the most as the sales volume has been halved (minus 51 percent compared to 2021) with 11.175.159 m² sold, Chile being the most affected market (minus 67 percent; 4.462.283 m²).

Eplf’s sales in Africa declined by minus 33 percent with 3.846.547 m² sold in 2022. Asia also witnessed a minus 34 percent decrease (21.504.454 m²). The situation is similar in Oceania with a drop of minus 16 percent (3.004.824 m²).

However, some countries stand out from the rest of the markets. Eplf members managed to increase their sales figures in Salvador (plus 235,5 percent), Panama (plus 226 percent), Brazil (plus 117 percent) in Latin America, Cape Verde (plus 655 percent), and Madagascar (plus 23 percent) in Africa, as well as Iraq (plus 131 percent), Philippines (plus 49 percent), and Malaysia (plus 40 percent) in Asia.

Despite the supply issues and the higher energy costs the sector is facing, Eplf members are confident that they will soon return to sales figures similar to those of 2021 when consumers’ enthusiasm for remodelling boosted the purchase of laminate flooring, during the pandemic. In the meantime, they continue to innovate and provide customers with quality laminate flooring, that is both sustainable and affordable in the years to come.

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