“EdgePro” by Robatech: “for high quality edge banding”

Robatech offers “EdgePro“, a new hot-melt adhesive application head for high-quality edge banding. The user-friendly coating head guarantees a uniform, repeatable adhesive application with clean cut-off, reduced maintenance and allows exact and straightforward adjustment to the workpiece.

The coating head “EdgePro” by Robatech, further development of the predecessor model “FKW60”, offers numerous performance and design improvements. “EdgePro” processes a greater range of viscosities and achieves first-class gluing quality with a clean and precise cut-off. However, it is not just the repeatable and uniform adhesive application that is convincing. Ease of use is not neglected either: the coating nozzle, available in two sizes, can be quickly and flexibly adjusted to the desired workpiece width of up to 105 mm and positioned with millimeter precision – either manually or optionally using a servomotor. To prevent reactive adhesive from curing, the nozzle can be completely closed during extended production stops. An integrated adhesive filter ensures smooth production without nozzle blockage”, commented the company.

The low-maintenance “EdgePro” is available in a left and right version. When used in a double-sided edge banding machine, the spare parts inventory can be reduced considerably, because both versions have identical spare parts.
The “EdgePro” is suitable for the application of Eva, polyolefin, and Pur hot melt adhesives and achieves optimal results in combination with a “RobaPUR 2 MOD”, “RobaPress”, or “MultiMelt” melter.

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