Egger: 42 million dollars investment

Egger, the well-known Austrian wood-based panel manufacturer, recently announced the start of production of a third laminating line at its Lexington, North Carolina, plant. Thanks to a 21 million dollars investment, production capacity for thermofused laminates (particleboard and Tfl) will increase by 50 percent.

Not only that. Egger also announced an additional 22 million dollars investment to install a decorative paper impregnation plant. This new plant will provide the laminating lines with locally produced resin-impregnated decorative papers and allow the company greater production flexibility to better meet the needs of its customers. Construction is expected to be completed this summer.

With on-site impregnation“, said Markus Frevert, production manager at Egger, “shipping times can be reduced by three months, resulting in longer paper life and a significant reduction in waste and costs”.

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