Siempelkamp: a record press in Australia

Record format for Siempelkamp. The German group has announced the development of an 8′ x 78.6 m press for Australian Panels‘ mdf plant in Mount Gambier, between Adelaide and Melbourne. “This is the longest plant ever built by Siempelkamp,” the group announced in the press release.
Australian Panels,” the note continued, ” opted for the last Siempelkamp chipboard plant in August 2023 and this will be the largest in Australia with an annual capacity of over 650 thousand cubic metres. It too will be built at the Mount Gambier site.”
This is the sixth order we have received from Australian Panels,” commented Geoff Robson, ceo of Siempelkamp Pty. “This will bring the number of Siempelkamp plants at their site to four mdf plants and two chipboard plants”.

The new order for the Mont Gambier site includes the forming and pressing line, including a ‘ContiRoll’ in the 8′ x 78.6 m format, gluing, and cooling and stacking lines. The plant will be designed for heavy-duty use, which is characterised by the very high running stability of the steel strip. “This ensures maximum component durability under special conditions, i.e. high forces. The raw material used will be light Pinus Radiata, a non-porous softwood particularly suitable as raw material for the production of fibreboard and chipboard. The mdf plant will be delivered in May 2025 and the start of production is planned for early 2026.

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