Teknomotor: not just edgebanding

We were born by making an edge banding motor: this has always been our world“. Eng. Stefano Perli, CEO of Teknomotor, Italian company from Quero, al ittle town at the foot of the Dolomites, says. Born in 1983, for almost 40 years Teknomotor has been designing and manufacturing electrospindles and high-frequency motors for woodworking.

Eng. Stefano Perli

Stefano represents the third generation of the family that owns the company.
What used to be a family business is now a managerially structured and constantly growing company”.
90 percent of the production, completely carried out in the Quero workshops, is destined for foreign countries, with the United States, Germany, Northern Europe, South America, Turkey, and China as the main markets.
Teknomotor spindles are installed on machines all over the world.
“It is with great pride and a little wonder that we think about what is produced in all five continents also thanks to the motors we make here”.

Within the five production units of Teknomotor, the artisan experience and artisan knowledge are merged with high technical and high technological levels that are continuously updated.
Every single component of our motors is made here in Quero, by our women and men, in our workshops, on our machines. We don’t just assemble: this is why we know our spindles deeply. Furthermore, the internal management of manufacturing processes allows us that flexibility that is increasingly precious nowadays to manage production times and possible customizations“.

Quality control supports production operators to ensure the manufacture and release of defect free components; the whole production is made internally.

The natural drive for innovation requires Teknomotor to constantly invest in infrastructure, machinery, tools, software, technologies, and people.
It is a commitment that has allowed us to grow steadily over the years, both in terms of economic results and in terms of skills and staff. Ours is a tradition-based path along which increasingly innovative processes, tools, and ideas accompany our customers’ business and projects into the future”.

The motors of the “High-Frequency Motors” (HFM) families, the first to be developed by Teknomotor, were born to serve the industry of manufacturers of industrial machines for edging wooden panels for the furniture industry, a truly selective market that has seen Teknomotor spindles emerge for their undisputed qualities.
The main features are still power, precision, direct mounting of the tool, and the construction of the shaft according to customer specifications.
These features have led to the development of hundreds of solutions, expanding the application possibilities of HFM spindles.
In fact, the production, which today includes other product families in the catalog, is now aimed at a wider range of markets, applications, materials, interlocutors, ranging from the manufacturer of machines and systems for edging wooden panels or for processing of PVC or aluminum windows to the automotive components industry and to integrators of robotic cells and automation.

Quick tool change, automatic tool change, “Big Blades” series and “K-High Performance” premium line spindles complete a huge range of solutions.
Just let yourself be inspired: our technical and research and development departments are constantly working alongside our customers’ technicians in evaluating and implementing solutions for new applications“.
Teknomotor is in fact a company with which it is possible to talk and discuss in search of the right answer: the willingness to listen and the technical competence that gave life to the company 40 years ago are still today peculiar characteristics of Teknomotor.
As example of this attitude, “COMC041” spindle series represents a “classic declined in a new way”.

Teknomotor spindles ready for delivery: company exports its products to all five continents; the distribution network is constantly growing.

The “COMC0410001” spindle redefines the trimming unit concept for woodworking machines”, Eng. Dario Bottarel, Technical Department Manager explains. “Designed and developed to respond to the specific needs of one of the world-leading manufacturers of edgebanding machines, this electrospindle allows high machining speeds without compromising on accuracy and reliability. Built with special bearings to withstand the machining efforts, the tool is mounted directly on the motor shaft. The “HSK 25R” tool interface combines the advantages of coupling conical with precision due to the double point of contact. The extremely precise relationship between the diameter of the cone and position of the shoulder of the cone allows you to mount the tool with absolute repeatability and precision”.

Continuing to grow is Teknomotor’s goal also for the next years, for which an important investment and recruitment plan has already started, in particular for the technical department and for the mechanical processing departments, cornerstones of development projects of the company.
We have recently introduced new professionals in the technical area to enhance our ability to develop new projects and to improve management of internal processes”. Eng. Stefano Bertocco, HR manager of the company, says.

On the production side – he continues – we are continuously strengthening our staff of operators on numerically controlled machines by investing in the latest generation systems and in the training of the people that those systems must lead. The technical level is getting higher and higher“.
Teknomotor is a young, open, innovative company. It is the right place to grow if you are an ambitious person, who wants to give the best of himself in everything he does”.
We believe” – Eng. Bertocco concludes – “that it is thanks to the quality and values of the people who imagine, design and build them that Teknomotor spindles have been able to establish themselves all over the world”.

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