Zator, between new valves and… an important anniversary!

The Zator company has been working for 25 years and this season promises to be full of novelties. In 2023, Zator, the company from Cusano Milanino (Italy) specializing in cold glue application systems to be fitted to woodworking machinery, will blow out 25 candles. An important milestone and a long journey that has been based on a very precise identity and a value that has been consistently pursued: “made in Italy”.

“MV1” AND “MK1”
The new ‘MV1’ and ‘MK1’ valves are designed to be used on different types of machines, they dispense low, medium and high viscosity fluids, they can also be operated single- or double-effect, furthermore they are also available in stainless steel.
The valves have a tungsten carbide needle, a one-piece, solid-cast body and a non-stick coating: this ensures high robustness and easy maintenance even in harsh working environments, despite their small size.
These valves can work at both low and high pressures, up to a maximum of 80 bar, and have the special feature of using “zero cavity” nozzles, thus preventing adhesive from occluding the nozzle.
The wide choice of stainless steel nozzles of varying shapes and diameters can meet different application requirements.
The two valves can be operated either pneumatically (“MV1”) or electro-pneumatically (“MK1”) through the use of a five-way solenoid valve.
Both solutions are compatible and interchangeable even after purchase.

Going hand in hand with the evolution of its “MV1” and “MK1” valves, the Italian company has further expanded its product range with the introduction of a new 2:1 ratio piston pump suction unit.
The new feeder unit stands as a middle ground between membrane pump suction units and “5:1” piston pump units by being more cost effective when used with medium to low viscosity glues.
The company commented that “this creates a complete gluing system suitable for use on boring machines, dowel inserting machines, machining centers, furniture assembly lines and panel coupling“.

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